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Leave your tree care to the professionals

Tree care and maintenance can be very precarious work, especially when dealing with large trees. Extensive training and experience is required to enter the field as a professional arborist.


Please don't risk injuring yourself or damaging your property by attempting any tree maintenance work that is out of your range of skills. Our team of experts is qualified to perform a variety of tree care procedures.

Ensure the health of your trees

A tree that appears to be perfectly healthy to the casual observer may be showing subtle signs of illness or insect damage.


It's important to have your trees periodically checked by professionals to avoid the spread of disease or damage to your home from falling limbs.


The owner of Fert-L-Lawn, Eric Olsen has 20 years of experience in the industry as a certified lawn care specialist.

Affordable tree services

•  Tree trimming

•  Tree thinning

Beautify the trees on your property

If you have several decorative trees of the same species, trimming and shaping will give them a uniformly manicured appearance.

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